Cooling Solutions & Winblok

Situated in Westmead, KZN, we specialize in the sales and installation of Whirlybird roof ventilation (Cooling Solutions), precast modular stacking systems (Column Concepts), modular precast concrete and aluminium window systems (Winblok), and solar tubing for areas where you would not want to integrate conventional lighting fixtures.

Pre cast modular stacking system that forms freestanding square columns.

Good indoor air quality can improve your families quality of life and prevent unwanted moisture and heat problems which could lead to illness.

Winblok window surrounds are manufactured from high density, low permeability, precast concrete.

The Solar Tube lighing provides illumination to dark areas where you would not neccesarily want to install ordinary lighting.

We run a 'tight ship' at our site located in Westmead, KZN, South Africa. This is where all the magic happens!

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We Are Level 4 BEE Certified