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Suppliers and installers since 1995 of a wide range of industrial and domestic wind turbine ventilators, evaporative air conditioners, ceramic heat barrier systems, power ventilators and other natural ventilation products. Good indoor air quality can reduce physiological as-well-as physiological stress in living and working areas to provide a better quality of life and improved productivity. In addition, the life-span of perishables and structural materials can be extended.

The Problems


During summer months temperatures in roof spaces can reach up to as high as 60 degrees. This heat radiates downwards causing discomfort in living areas and forcing air conditioners to work even harder than usual. Even the effectiveness of ceiling insulation can be reduced by the additional heat load.


During the colder months, water vapour from showers, baths and cooking is drawn into roof spaces and can condense to form up to 12 litres of moisture per day, this can render insulation ineffective, cause mildew on walls and ceilings, and contribute to a damp and uncomfortable environment.

The Solution

Our Ventilation Systems

Problems associated with heat and moisture in the roof can be avoided by the installation of an adequate ventilation system.


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